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view from Spartohori


Asked to describe Meganissi, the satellite island to Lefkada, it is like taking a step back in time, charming and beautiful. This miniature Greek island is only 20 square kilometres in size. There are numerous bays to explore, some caves to snorkel in and villages to amble around.The two main harbours of Vathi and Spilia offer safe moorings. They both have waterside tavernas to while away an hour or two whilst taking refreshment and "people watching".

Above these two harbours are the quaint villages of Katomeri and Spartohori. A labyrinth of tiny lanes and alleyways form a maze of whitewashed houses and courtyards full of tin-potted plants. Tavernas offer tasty Greek meals to visitors. Although the number of residents diminishes over the winter period, those that remain find plenty to do. There are still olives to harvest, sheep and goats to milk and chickens to feed. Nowadays, olive oil continues to be made on the island but in smaller quantities and produced by machine instead of donkeys.

Tips: Don't forget the sun block and you will need a plug-in mozi repellent. and of course a continental plug adaptor.