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We went to Esbjerg from Harwich on a weekend trip in the month of February some 10 years ago. As we crossed the north sea ice formed on the decks and rails of the ship so we knew it was going to be cold. In fact when we arrived it was -14c with a windchill of -26c!

Still, all in all, Esbjerg was a beautiful place with a charming centre, plenty of shops and if you want Clogs look no further! The city is set in the region of Jutland which as you would expect is very flat, and so is ideal for pushbikes.

Esbjerg is the main fishing port in Denmark and a major link to the UK.

Denmark's oldest town is only a short distance from Esbjerg.
It has cobblestone streets and beautiful half-timbered houses.
Denmark's only cathedral is in Ribe with five aisles, and it is possible to visit the tower of the 800 year old cathedral and enjoy a view over marschland and the tidal area.

In the Vikings museum you can experience the Viking era and the Middle Age. The museum displays thousands of artifacts found during recent archaeological excavations in Ribe.


Tips: Don't forget to wrap up well if you go in the winter!